The One With The Speeches 

Sii's Groom Speech

"Seeing as my new husband has something of an allergy to people and public speaking it's up to me to do "The Speech". I can't tell you how excited and grateful Adam and I are to be standing here today and celebrating with you all. 

We've been together for nearly 12 years now and finally decided to make it official. I mean, we have a home, a dog and a shared Netflix account, so we figured it must be about time.

First and foremost, thank you all for being here with us today. You guys represent our chosen family and it means the world to use to be sharing this moment with you all. I'd like to also take this moment to acknowledge a few people.

First up, my Best Woman and Best Man, Amy and Pat. Two of the best friends I could ever ask for! You not only optimise the definition of true friendship but are my family. I want to take this moment to say I love you both and I'd be lost without you! 

I've known Amy for my entire adult life, and can't (and don't want to) think of a time where she wasn't in my life. If you'd of asked Amy if this day would ever happen in the "Pre-Adam" days, she would have probably laughed (and snorted) in your face, given my "allergy" shall we say to commitment. She has been there for me through every triumph and challenge, offering love, guidance, and the occasional reality check. Amy, your friendship is invaluable to me, and having you as my best woman is an absolute honour. Thank you for always being there for me, no matter what. And Pat, who'd of thought that when we met by chance on our University offer holder day that our friendship would evolve into a lifelong bond? From all those late nights in the library to dragging me to Cheesy Tuesdays, Pat has been a constant pillar of support, a source of endless laughter, and a true friend. He has stood by my side through thick and thin, and I couldn't be happier to have him here not only as my best man today but as a brother. I would however warn you all not to leave pint glasses, salt and pepper shakers or cutlery unattended near him... they may go missing!

Next up is Vicky, God it's odd using your actual name, Guppy, that's better, Adam's Best Woman. I'm not going to lie, my biggest source of anxiety about today was letting Guppy loose with a speech, given that her, and Adam, both drop the C-bomb like punctuation. We both met Guppy back in the dark days of Sainsbury's. She and Adam both soon bonded other a mutual distain for humanity and a joint thinking that everyone is a c...arrot until proven otherwise. Guppy is one of the only people on the planet that could get away with loudly bellowing on the petrol station forecourt tannoy system "Watch out! Gays on the forecourt, GAYS ON THE FORECOURT" when we stopped for fuel. Vicky is unapologetically loud and without a filter and that's why we love her. Thank you for being part of our day. 

Emily, the historical 3rd wheel in our relationship, also deservers a special thank you for making our amazing wedding cake and for the wonderful baking related reading at the ceremony. 

Thank you to my new mother and father-in-law Lynne and Richard for welcoming me into your family and treating me like one of your own. Lynne is also responsible for making all the lovely favour bags today, so thank you taking on that job and really running with it, they turned out far better than we imagined! And of course not to forget, Olivia, who did an exceptional job at looking after the rings and flowers today! I think she deserves a little round of applause. 

Today is also something of a bitter-sweet occasion for me, as we celebrate, I can't help but miss my mum, Louise, who sadly passed away earlier this year. She was a guiding light in my life, and while she couldn't be here physically, I know she's here in spirit, sending her love and blessings from wherever she is. We'll honour her memory by filling this day with love and joy. 

Finally, Adam, you're the love of my life and my soul mate, and I couldn't be happier to be marrying you today. Not bad to say that the only reason we met was because your date with another guy was a bust so you met me on the way home! I knew you were the one quite early in our relationship, when you asked me quite seriously if putting the tea towel on the teapot will cause a fire... You're an idiot, but your my idiot! I love you and I cant wait to see what this next chapter brings!

So let's raise a glass to love, friendship and family. 


Sii's Best Woman - Amy

"Good afternoon everyone, my name is Amy and I have had the pleasure of knowing Si for nearly half of my life.

Sii and I gravitated towards each other whilst working together and our friendship continued to bloom, especially once we discovered our mutual love for anything Harry Potter (even it he is a Slytherin and I am a huttlepuff), disappearing into the world of a book or throwing a dice to decide our fate on a Sunday afternoon.

Sii has supported me through some of the hardest moments of my life and I can truly say that Sii Is not only my best triend but also my found family. No matter how long we go without seeing each other, know without a doubt that I can call and he will always be there for me.

The day that Sii told me that he would like to introduce me to his new boyfriend Adam, I think my jaw hit the floor, Sii had never introduced me to anyone before, because he knew my standards for him were so high, I was also monumentally nervous, Sii was a huge presence in my life and I did not want that to change selfishly.

Looming forward 12 years and I believe Sii may now regret introducing us, Adam and I are like two sides of the same coin, opinionated, fiercely loyal and usually both agreeing on the same point much to Sii's frustration. However, I could not be happier that they have found each other.

Whilst today is a celebration, it is also a hard day for me. It is a day when I have to finally come to terms with the fact that I am no longer Sii's true best friend, that title has been passed to Adam and I couldn't be happier that Adam is the one taking the title from me as I know you will be there for him always.

I wish you both a lifetime of love, laughter and making new memories.

Please raise your glasses to Sii and Adz."

Sii's Best Man - Pat

"I'll say one or two words, I met Sii six years ago, in 2017. We ran into each other on an offer holders day before we joined the university, we then somehow got paired together in a MedSci family when we joined the university. We then, having graduated together, went into the same job. And then leaving that job we both we both decided to then both get very similar jobs in the university.. I don't think we are ever going to go down separate carer paths, I think that's it now.

Adam for the longest time was a bit of a mystery, in the fact that I didn't believe he existed for a long period of time. It wasn't until a few years into mine and Sii's friendship that I met him but as soon as I did, I realised that they are a match made in heaven and are so effortlessly comfortable with each other. They just love each other and you can see it and it's come to its fore today after all this time.

To Sii and Adam!

I'd just like to say one more thing and that it is I just want to mention your mum, Louise, who I only had the pleasure of meeting her once but it was at a time when you were staying with her and looking after her though a very difficult time but I saw the look in her face and she was so immensely proud and happy to have you as a son. And if she could have been here today she would have been as proud and I'm sure she still is. To Louise!"

Adam's Best Woman - Vicky

A.K.A Guppy / Chief 

"Hello, for those that don't know me, I am Vicky, Adams best woman. I know Adam and Sii, AKA "The Boys" from working through Sainsbury's. Unfortunate I am still there and these two have escaped! I met Adam first and I suppose we just hit it off. We are similar in the way that we both use sear words more than what we should and we say it as it is... both of these things are normally frowned upon by others but basically we are not too fond of people in general! 

Adam told me that he was in a relationship with Sii and I thought "Gay... you don't look it?!" Anyway he introduced me to Sii and I was like, "He's not going to be like gay gay in your face is he because I can't be doing with that?!" Rest at ease he's defiantly not like that. I actually ended up working with Sii more than with Adam and found out more about his love for cooking... and he's actually quite good at it. Still this thought was going through my head that neither of you were on my gay-dar! You don't look it, you don't act it.. not that it matters either way. One day I was working on checkouts with Sii and he was collecting some money pods in a plastic bag behind the checkouts... and then I saw it! the way he minced up past the lectern collecting up all these pods. I thought "THERE IT IS!"

Anyway, I'm so pleased that you two have eventually tied the knot and I've been here to witness it. I hope you spend many happy years together. 

So let's raise a glass and toast, Adam and Sii"